50th Birthday Health & Safety Gifts

Biking is more fun than exercise to many people; buy a bike for his 50th birthday.

Give her a gift on her 50th birthday that reinforces the importance of living a healthy lifestyle or reminds her to be safe, but adventurous. Your gift should remind her that there is life after 50 and to take care of her body so she is able explore the world surrounding her with fresh eyes.

Quit Smoking Basket

On her 50th birthday remind her how important it is to quit smoking by putting together a quit smoking care basket for her. Fill the basket with items that can keep her hands and mouth busy without creating bad habits, such as: chocolate covered sunflower seeds, protein shake mixes, almonds, sugar-free gum and flavored water. Put in informative information to encourage her to give up tobacco products and DVDs to redirect her habit in a healthier way. For example, include a copy of the U.S. government published brochure “Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence,” and Tai Chi and yoga DVDs. Don’t forget to place a greeting card wishing her happy birthday inside the basket or to tie a birthday balloon to the basket’s handle.

Road of Life

For his 50th birthday, put together an emergency safety box he can keep inside his car while traveling to visit family with the money, gas card and directions you put in the box. Purchase a metal Superman lunch box and fill it with a flashlight, flare, self adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, gloves, pliers, screwdrivers and batteries. Using permanent marker, scrawl a short birthday message such as “Hope this gets you started the next half of your journey.” Or “Use while traveling the road of life. Happy Birthday!”

Birthday Bike

Get both men and women bikes with helmets for their 50th birthdays and encourage them to explore the world. Riding a bike is a simple way to stay or get in shape without going to an extreme. Warn the birthday woman she may be a little bit wobbly at first, but everything will smooth out with practice. Tell the birthday man that riding a bike will introduce change to his life and make him a healthier person.

Safe Theater Experience

In honor of her 50th birthday, give her tickets to the theater to see “Beauty and the Beast,” “Wicked,” “Hair” or “Working 9 to 5: The Musical.” Pair the tickets with prepaid self-defense classes where she can learn ways to be safe while out on the town. During the classes, she will be given basic information that will prepare her for a safe night. The classes will remind her to park in well-lit areas, walk in groups and wear clothing that will make it possible for her to defend herself if necessary.