African American Wavy Hairstyles

Choose a low-maintenance hairstyle for wavy African-American hair.

Wavy African American hair, which tends to frizz up in drier climates, can be hard to maintain. But there are chic and comfortable hairstyles that do not require endless hours in a salon or countless dollars spent on haircare products. For the ultimate hairdo, always begin with clean, product-free hair. From there, you can create a great look for any occasion. Does this Spark an idea?

Pinned Up

Wavy hair can be worn long or short regardless of texture.

This style looks great for longer, wavy hair as well as shorter locks, and is appropriate for any occasion. If you need a more formal look, be sure all hair is pinned up neatly and tightly. For a more informal look, cascading tendrils create a soft appearance. Try using fun accessories such as sunflower clips or fake flowers. To create a more playful style, try pinning up the top half of the hair with textured hairpins while leaving the back flowing freely.


In years past, the ponytail was associated with little girls. That is not the case today. Ponytails are a versatile hairstyle that can go from work to happy hour within minutes. Cool, chic accessories can emphasize this fun look that is perfect for all face shapes. The tighter ponytail exudes a more serious/formal aura, while the loose ponytail shows the wearer’s playful side. This is a low-maintenance hairdo that only requires a trim every few weeks and a light serum to lock in moisture.

Free Flowing

The term “free-flowing” usually evokes long locks, but shorter, wavy styles can also be free-flowing. Short free-flow hair can be bobbed to frame a face of any size and is particularly flattering to women with rounder faces.You can even go shorter (think Halle Berry) and use a light gel for shine and to hold the style in place.

Free-flowing longer tresses are convenient and attractive on women of any face shape. The hair should be trimmed to get rid of dead ends. When creating this style, use a quarter-size amount of serum and massage directly onto the clean hair and scalp. This will eliminate frizz and give the hair a beautiful shine.


For African American hair, dead ends usually need to be clipped around every six weeks. Trims should always be done by a professionally trained stylist to maintain healthy, shiny locks.