Aromatherapy Spa Treatments For Hair

Use essential oils to create aromatherapy spa treatments for hair.

Many types of essential oils can be used for aromatherapy spa treatments for hair. Essential oils are the natural oil extracts of plants; add them to a shampoo or conditioner base to create your own home aromatherapy spa treatment. Popular essential oils such as rosemary and chamomile have traditionally been used for hair treatments for centuries. Does this Spark an idea?


According to Patricia Davis in “Aromatherapy: An A–Z,” aromatherapy spa treatments can help to improve the condition of the scalp. Sebaceous glands produce sebum to lubricate the hair and keep it in a healthy condition. However, certain hair types are characterized by varying levels of sebum production; for example, dry hair is characteristic of a lack of sebum production whereas greasy or oily hair is characterized by an over production of sebum. In addition, fragile and thinning hair is caused by chemical coloring, stress, aging or other health related problems. You can use aromatherapy spa treatments to improve the condition of all of these hair types.

Traditional Treatments

Davis writes that rosemary oil has been used for hair treatments for hundreds of years, particularly for the treatment of dark hair. According to Julia Lawless in “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils,” rosemary oil helps to promote hair growth. Chamomile oil was traditionally used as a hair rinse for fair hair.


Several essential oils are used in the treatment of dandruff; these include tea tree, lavender, bergamot and sandalwood oils. According to Davis, bergamot and sandalwood essential oils are suitable for the treatment of oily dandruff problems.


Add essential oils to a basic shampoo or conditioner cosmetic base, or make a natural rinse for your hair. Valerie Ann Worwood in “The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy,” recommends using cider vinegar for a hair rinse; add 2 drops of essential oil per tablespoon of vinegar. Davis recommends adding a few drops of essential oil to a final hair rinse of water. If your hair is dry, massage jojoba oil into your scalp, wrap with towels and leave on for a couple of hours before shampooing it out. Treat dandruff by adding an appropriate essential oil to a carrier oil blend, such as sunflower oil, and treat a couple of times a week.


Always dilute essential oils for aromatherapy spa treatments in a carrier oil or cosmetic base before applying to the hair or head. Use essential oils with caution if you are pregnant, elderly, have high blood pressure or other health problems. Consult an experienced aromatherapist for advice about using particular essential oils before creating aromatherapy spa treatments for hair.