Arrange September Wedding Flowers In A Church Using A Big Vase

A large floral display creates a lush wedding photo background.

A large floral arrangement for a September church wedding presents the challenge of a limited flower selection, compared to the abundance of spring and summer. September ranks as the most popular wedding month, with 14 percent of weddings, according to The Knot website. Drawing from the rich palette of flowers in season — and the textures of non-floral elements — gives you plenty of variety for creating a rich display in a large vase.


1. Trim a block of floral foam to fit snugly inside the bottom of the vase. Add room-temperature water and a packet of floral preservative to within 5 inches of the top of the vase. Use a watering can or pitcher to pour water in the vase — this helps to prevent spilling, especially if you’re working with a heavy vase or floor vase at the church that you can’t take to a faucet.

2. Hold the largest or most eye-catching flowers — September flowers such as hydrangeas, roses or sunflowers — up to the vase and cut their stems so flowers will be double the height of the vase or less. Hold the stem of one flower and push it into the floral foam near the center of the vase. Compose your arrangement for a big vase in a simple shape. For example, structure the arrangement as a dome or pyramid shape. These classic flower arrangements suit a church wedding and balance a large container.

3. Arrange the main flowers so they will show in each part of the bouquet. For example, group three in the center and then space the remaining large flowers evenly around the center flowers in three or four rows. Fill in the arrangement’s shape with medium-sized flowers, cutting their stems shorter to create the rounded or pointed shape for the arrangement. Carefully insert the flowers one at a time between the large flowers and push the stem into the floral foam.

4. Cut stems of filler flowers to fit between the medium flowers, such as a romantic lacy effect with clouds of baby’s breath between white hydrangeas and red roses. Alternatively, add texture and play up the colors of bare branch shapes of autumn by filling in the bouquet with curly willow, sprays of berries or small branches of fall leaves.

5. Sunflowers and berries work well in September wedding arrangements.

Frame the floral arrangement with greenery, if desired. For example, slip branches of hydrangea leaves between the edge of the vase and the flower stems so the greenery hangs over the vase, surrounding the bouquet, or use an unexpected foliage such as bamboo or eucalyptus.