Autumn Silk Flower Centerpiece Ideas

Beautiful silk flowers come in the colors of autumn.

Autumn is a wonderful time to entertain guests, whether for an intimate family gathering, a large Thanksgiving dinner or a big wedding event. Decorating for such occasions allows for creativity and freedom to experiment with all the beautiful colors available during this season. Silk flowers in autumn colors and variety are cheaper alternatives to the fresh ones and usually look just as real. Silk blooms can also achieve the same dramatic effect of fresh flowers.

Fruits and Flowers

Citrus and blooms together liven a table.

Mix silk flowers with fresh fruits in the season’s hues. Arrange the blooms on a wide dish or basket, or have them float in a large bowl, with sliced citruses or whole wild berries and grapes. This arrangement makes it hard for guests to tell whether the flowers are fresh because the fruits are real.

Assorted Autumn Blooms

Lush florals create a look of luxury.

Create a mixture of different blooms in various autumn colors of orange, red, brown and yellow. Add leaves in the same hues plus pale green, and accentuate with deep blue mountain flowers for an interesting mix. Lush floral centerpieces evoke mixed feelings of luxury, abundance and nostalgia, capturing autumn’s varied emotions.

Modern Twist

Have flowers hug your slender vase.

Design your centerpiece with a modern twist by using vases in contemporary colors and shapes. A simple slender vase with an unusual curve or shape in the same autumn color as the silk flowers adds a fresh feel to any occasion. If the vase is too slim to hold several blooms, just put a single flower in it and place a couple more outside with the stems entwined and hugging the base for a creative touch.

Autumn Spray

A spray of flowers can be dramatic.

Scatter a mixture of wild flowers, dried grass and stems on the table for a distinct fall table centerpiece. Keep them within the season’s colors to achieve a dramatic effect.

Creative Thanksgiving

Add candles to brighten a centerpiece.

Make an unusual, creative twist to your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Instead of the traditional display of harvest in a basket, get glass candle holders and fill them with blooms in season. Use candles in the shape of autumn’s harvest, such as pumpkins, cucumbers and squashes to keep to the Thanksgiving theme. This non-traditional style adds an interesting aesthetic value to your event centerpieces, making them good conversational pieces.

Blooms in Water

Just add water to make your silk flowers look real.

Place one or two silk flowers inside a simple, clear glass vase. Fill the vase with water to make the flowers look real and fresh.

Japanese Style

Japanese quince flowers add an international touch.

Get silk Japanese quince flowers in shades of deep orange or red. Arrange them in a large, clear glass vase. Fill the vase halfway with clear or colored water for an artistic touch. This way, you keep to the season’s colors, but give it a slight twist.