Buy Bulk Garden Seed

Bulk seed is available in many hardware and garden supply stores. Deciding whether or not to buy bulk seed requires some price comparison, as well as, some consideration for the amount of seed you will actually need for your garden. Small gardens and container gardens that feature one or two plants of each type don’t really need a large supply of seed. For these gardens, purchasing a package of seeds is certainly adequate. For large planting areas, packages of seeds simply aren’t practical and call for bulk seed purchases. Read on to learn buy bulk garden seed. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Prepare your garden plan before you visit the seed store and decide exactly which vegetables you will plant. If you go to the store without a plan you are likely to come home with either seeds you don’t really need or forget something and need to make another trip.

2. Calculate the amount of seed you will need for each vegetable by referring a planting guide that tells you how much seed you will need for a designated length of row. As a general rule, if you need less than 1/4 to1/2 oz of seed, it is more practical to buy packaged seeds. See resource section for planting guide.

3. Visit your local garden supply store to buy your seeds. Be ready to tell the clerk exactly what kind of seed you want and give them the amount in ounces or pounds that wish to purchase. Avoid asking the clerk to guess at your needs. What you call a little may not be the same as what another customer calls a little.

4. Ask for the specific type of seed you desire. There are many varieties of cucumber seeds. Know the difference between picklers, slicers and bush varieties. Don’t make the clerk guess if you want early or late corn or purple or green beans.

5. Check to make sure the clerk marks the bag of seeds with the full name of the seed you purchase. It is easy to forget what you have purchased if the packages are not labeled properly.