Child Mummy Costume Directions

Create a realistic mummy costume for your child.

The sight of a walking mummy has always had the potential to be frightening, making this a staple costume. Whether your child wants to dress up as a mummy for Halloween or is given the part of the same in a spooky theatrical number, you will be able to create his costume with ease. Resist the urge to purchase the costume to give the ensemble an ancient, one-of-a-kind look that is sure to scare — and wow.


1. Place 25 tea bags in each of the buckets and fill them halfway with hot water. Place the flat sheet into one of the buckets and the jeans and turtleneck into the other. This process will age the cloth’s appearance to give your mummy costume an ancient-inspired look. Add additional water if needed and let the cloth sit for two to six hours. Stir the cloth every hour and, at the same time, judge the color. When the material is dark enough, take all the pieces from the buckets and hang them to dry.

2. Lay the sheet out flat with the top of the sheet in front of you and cut 3-inch slits into the fabric. The slits should be 3 inches apart, but some irregularity with this project is good. When all your slits are complete, tear them along their prescribed lines. This gives the edges a frayed, aged look.

3. Wrap the strips of fabric to the torso and neck of the turtleneck and pin them in place unevenly as you work your way up. If your child relies on the stretch of the material to wear the turtleneck, pull the shirt’s fabric taut as you sew to allow the seams some give when you are complete.

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4. Cut open the sleeves of the turtleneck at the seams and sew strips of the sheet across the face of the sleeves. When all of the bandages are in place, hold the right sides of each of the sleeves together and sew the seams back up. Turn the sleeves right side out once more.

5. Split the inseams of the jeans and sew the bandages across the out-facing fabric, working your way up. When you go to sew the bandages around the waist, don’t sew across the opening of the jeans. Then, fold the right sides of the split legs back together and restitch the inseam.

6. Tie additional bandages where you think the costume needs them and pin a loose collection of them around your child‘s face.