Color Schemes To Brighten A Dark Kitchen

A black, white and blue color scheme can make your kitchen brighter.

Ideally, you want your kitchen to be a pleasant, inviting space where you can enjoy preparing meals for yourself or your family. However, if there is not a lot of natural light in the kitchen, it can seem gloomy and unwelcoming. Fortunately, the right color scheme can do a lot to brighten up a dark room and make it seem fresh and open. Does this Spark an idea?

Red, White and Black

A red, white and black kitchen

Dazzling white walls make small spaces look larger and dark rooms look brighter. However, too much white can seem sterile, like a hospital. For a pleasing contrast, try dark black countertops and cabinets accented with splashes of red in the furniture and smaller appliances. This is a bold, early 21st century color combination.

White, Light Blue and Brown

A white, light blue and brown kitchen

Light but cool colors, like a pale sky blue, make walls seem to recede and open up a room. White cabinets, counters and appliances keep the kitchen looking bright and clean. Use a neutral brown for the floor. If you would rather not have white cabinets, you could use dark-colored wood for just the cabinets instead and use white for the countertops.

Tuscan Color Scheme

An Italian kitchen

Using a traditional Tuscan color scheme can brighten up your kitchen with the warmth of Italy. Tint the walls a pale yellow and use dark wood for the cabinets. For accessories, use rich, vibrant colors like reds, greens and blues.

Yellow and White

A yellow and white kitchen

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Yellow makes rooms more cheerful, so it’s an effective choice for brightening up dark rooms. Match up yellow walls with countertops, floors and accessories in white and earthy shades of brown.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

A monochromatic color scheme is based on a single color. Choose your favorite color, and then paint and decorate the kitchen using different shades of that color with some neutral grays and browns for contrast. Since your kitchen is already dark, stick to a light, pale shade of the color you choose for the walls. For a monochromatic color scheme based on white, use different types of white and cream and choose accessories with lots of texture to keep your kitchen from looking too much like a hospital.