Create A Silk And Dried Flower Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with a beautiful and colorful floral centerpiece to grace your dining room table. Filled with a variety of silk and dried flowers that will display all the vibrant colors of autumn, the centerpiece will not only brighten the room but will also bring the holiday spirit to your table. The result will be a focal point of beauty that everyone will enjoy. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Prepare a work area by placing all of the supplies needed so they are easily accessible. A large table or counter that is well lit makes a good work space. If you will be working with a hot glue gun, plug it in so hot glue will be available when you need it. Place the glue gun on a plate or a piece of tin foil so any hot glue drips will not fall onto your table or counter top and place where it can be easily reached but not where it can be tipped over or accidentally touched causing a burn.

2. Place the block or blocks of foam inside of the basket to determine sizing. The blocks may need to be cut or trimmed in order for them to conform to the shape of the basket. The top of the block should not extend past the top of the basket but should be even with it otherwise, it creates an uneven bulge. Block’s should fit securely inside the basket and as an added measure, once the block has been sized to fit the basket, place several dollops of hot glue on the bottom of the block then place the block inside the basket and gently press down.

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3. Begin placing a very thin layer of moss over the entire top of the foam block and also stuff moss down the sides of the block to fill in any crevices. The size of the basket will determine how many bags of moss will be needed. Insert the tallest flowers first into the center of the basket. This is the starting point. Continue to work from the middle of the basket outwards to the rim and all the way around the basic adding different types of flowers at varying heights to create a basic framework of the centerpiece.

4. Select dried flower types for the centerpiece that reflect fall seasonal colors include stemmed varieties such as natural wheat, barley, bromus, hare’s tail and oats. For additional color, lavender, yarrow, safflower, caspia, baby’s breath, statice, broom corn sweet annie and larkspur are good choices with some flowers such as the baby’s breath, statice, caspia and larkspur available in a variety of colors. Seasonal fall colors tend to revolve around dark red, burnt orange, yellow, gold, tan, brown, beige and dark green. These basic fall colors can be highlighted with the addition of a few stems with contrasting colors of deep purple, dark blue or bright red.

5. Select silk flowers as either the focal flowers of the arrangement or as part of the overall multi-flower arrangement. Seasonal colors are available in silk flower types such as hydrangeas, cosmos, gerbera daisies, day lily’s, mums, dahlias and poppies. A variety of silk leaves in autumn colors are also available.

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6. Continue to place flowers and stems into the foam base spreading the colors throughout the centerpiece in a uniform pattern and not clumped together. Trim stems according to how tall the arrangement is to be. The tallest stems should be in the center of the arrangement with additional flowers and stems becoming shorter as you near the rim of the basket. Work from the center to the outside rim and all the way around adding stems and flowers until the framework becomes a full fledged arrangement.

7. Turn the basket so that you can see the arrangement from all directions. If the centerpiece will be viewed from all angles, be sure the basket is uniform all the way around in terms of fullness and variety of color. Fill in any thin areas with additional flowers or stems. At the base of the arrangement, cover any exposed foam with bits of moss. For a finishing touch, small filler flowers can be added at the base and allowed to hang past the rim. To add a touch of highlight to the centerpiece, place silk maple leaves around the perimeter of the arrangement.

8. Wrap several pieces of raffia around the basket and then tie a bow for decoration. The raffia will add to the natural look and design of the dried and silk flower basket. Once the arrangement is complete, place the centerpiece on the dining room table to gauge the overall look. Make any adjustments needed by adding filler flowers to sparse areas or adding additional stems, if needed, to create more height to the arrangement. If the centerpiece is too tall, remove and trim the center stems.

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