Decorate Flipflops For Kids

Decorating kid’s flip-flops with style

Flip-flops are often a favorite summer shoe choice for many adults and children. These rubber shoes with a center thong structure come in all colors and designs and are usually very inexpensive. While functional, ordinary flip-flops are often rather bland in design; however, they are easily transformed with items such as silk flowers, ribbons, glitter paint, assorted buttons, millinery blooms, antique jewelry or rhinestones. The result is a fashionable pair of shoes that kids, especially, enjoy for vacation times at the beach or around town on a hot summer’s day. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Create floral flip-flops. Cut the leaves and large bloom off a silk flower, such as a daisy, sunflower or rose. Apply hot glue on the back of the leaves, and adhere them to the area where the two flip flops straps come together. Apply hot glue to the back of the flower bloom and affix on top of the leaves for a flip-flop decoration with feminine style.

2. Make ribbon designs. Cut approximately 2-inch-long lengths of multicolored ribbons. Starting at the back of the flip flop straps, tie ribbons on the straps until they are completely covered. Cut the ends of the ribbons on a diagonal slant to prevent fraying of the fabric for a whimsical flip-flop decoration with visual appeal.

3. Embellish flip-flops with paint. Taking several tubes of coordinating glitter paint, squeeze designs, such as hearts, flowers, rainbows and stars onto the straps of the flip flops as a quick and easy way to add style.

4. Decorate flip-flops with buttons. Hot glue large, colorful buttons on the flip flop straps starting at the back of the straps and working forward. Continue gluing buttons in a row until the entire straps are covered for a simple and decorative flip-flop design.

5. Create vintage-inspired flip-flops. Take a length of faux crystal-accented ribbon, and hot glue it to the top straps of the flip flops. Press the ribbon down firmly. To further the flip-flop decoration, use an antique millinery bloom, and glue it to the front area where the straps meet. Glue a vintage jewelry piece in the center of the bloom for a unique decorative touch.

6. Make rhinestone flip-flops. Embellish flip-flop straps with colorful rhinestones in various shapes and sizes. Apply hot glue to the back of each rhinestone, and adhere them to the straps until the entire strap is full for a flip-flop decoration with maximum sparkle and shine.