Diet For Getting Abs

Getting sexy abs requires more than just crunches.

Although abdominal workouts are important for the development and strengthening of the abdominal muscles, diet is even more important when it comes to the appearance of the abs. According to fitness specialist Jeff Bayer, a healthy diet is 90 percent of the equation when it comes to getting great abs, while exercise makes up the other 10 percent.

Healthy Fats

In order to get your abs to show, you must rid your diet of trans- and saturated fats and eat healthy fats. According to an MSNBC article, Abs Diet founder David Zinczenko reveals that these healthy fats include almonds, avocados, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, olive oil and pumpkin seeds.


According to David Zinczenko, the most beneficial vegetables for your abs are spinach, broccoli, asparagus, peppers, beans and brussels sprouts. These vegetables are full of fiber and help keep you fuller for longer so you won’t reach for junk food.


Proteins are essential for muscle development and tone and will help you lose fat so that your abs show. According to Zinczenko, eggs, fish, lean chicken breast, lean steak, whey protein and low-fat or fat-free dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese are among the best proteins you can eat.


In order to prevent the cravings that lead you to eat the foods that keep you from seeing your abs, Zinczenko recommends berries, such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and other fruits such as apples and grapefruit.

Whole Grains

Avoiding unhealthy carbohydrates found in sugary breakfast cereals and white breads is key to getting defined abs. Zinczenko states that eating a diet rich in whole grains will help you get lean, ripped abs. He recommends oatmeal, brown rice and bread products made with whole grains and whole wheat.