Games For Children Using Sunflowers

Involve children in creative games with the use of sunflowers.

Sunflowers are not just for growing, smelling and seed-picking. Get your children or students participating in fun and educational games that involve sunflowers. Have the children re-create a sunflower or use the real thing. Promote interactive play, movement and creativity with the use of games. Girls and boys will be able to grow an appreciation for the bright-colored flowers.

Musical Sunflowers

Have children play a game of musical chairs with the use of sunflowers. Arrange chairs, one for each child, in a circle. Place a picture of a sunflower on every seat but one. One seat will have a picture of an insect such as a ladybug. Start the music. As the music plays, the children will circle the chairs. Stop the music and each kid must sit in a chair. The child who sits on the insect picture is out. You can remove one of the sunflower chairs from the circle and continue the game until one child remains and wins the game.

Guess the Number of Seeds

Involve children in an estimation game. Have the children guess how many seeds are in a real sunflower just by looking at the head of the sunflower. You may need to cut the head of the sunflower off and place it on a table where the children can see it well. Give each child a piece of paper to write down how many sunflower seeds he believes are in the center of the flower as well as his name. A sunflower can have as many as 1,000 seeds. Count the number of seeds together. The child with the closest guess to the actual number of seeds wins.

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Sunflower Seed Dash

Have children participate in a race with the use of sunflower seeds. Give each child a sunflower seed. All children will stand at one side of a room or large area in two equal groups. A single file line should be formed in each group. At the other end of the race line is one empty cup for each team. When it is a child’s turn he should race to the empty cup, put his seed in it and race back to his teammates. The next child will then do the same until everyone has gone. The team to fill the cup with the sunflower seeds first is the winner.

Puppet Show

Allow children to get creative by making sunflower puppets and presenting a show. Give each child a plain paper plate to be painted yellow to mimic the look of a sunflower. Children can paint faces on the center of the sunflower to make it come to life and look like a person. The sunflower plates can be glued to Popsicle sticks, becoming puppets. Have the children present a puppet sother children or parents. Give the children a set script or allow the kids to write one.