Germinate Sunflower Seeds In A Coffee Filter

Some kinds of sunflowers grow to 8 feet tall.

Sunflowers are a member of the composite family. The outer flowers, called “rays” are bright yellow, while the darker middle center of the sunflower is made up of many more tiny flowers. The seeds are produced by the inner flowers after they have been pollinated. Plan to germinate the seeds in the home or greenhouse a few weeks before planting outdoors. To germinate sunflowers, the temperature needs to be at least 46 to 50 degrees F, though 70 to 78 degrees F is best. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Place one coffee filter on a saucer or plate. Spray the filter with water from the spray bottle. The coffee filter should be damp, but not overly wet.

2. Spread the sunflower seeds over the damp coffee filter. Make sure the seeds are not on top of each other, though it is acceptable if they touch.

3. Cover the layer of sunflower seeds with a second coffee filter. Spray it with the water to dampen.

4. Check your seeds every day. Lift the top coffee filter to ensure the seeds and filters are damp, spraying with water as necessary. Seeds that are too wet will mold and die before sprouting. In a few weeks, your sunflower seeds should show signs of sprouting. At this time, you can plant them in your outdoor garden.