Get A Product Demonstrator Job

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Product demonstrator work is great for students, retirees or other people who want part-time work and enjoy talking to people. Demonstrators are the people in stores who hand out coupons, give samples or show off a product to customers. If you want to be a product demonstrator, you can find these opportunities in several ways.


1. RESUME: Prepare a simple one-page letter or resume that describes your retail, sales or customer service experience. If you have no paid experience, list volunteer work, group speaking or public contact experience. Many companies require their demonstrators have Internet access and a cell phone. List your email address and telephone number on your resume.

2. STORE: If you have seen product demos in your favorite store, ask the personnel department if in-store demonstrators are hired by the store or through an agency. If the store hires its demonstrators, apply directly at the store. If the store uses an agency, ask for the agency information.

3. PRODUCT: Some product suppliers hire demonstrators and assign them to stores that carry the products. They recruit help at their websites and through Internet ads such as craigslist. If you are interested in a specific product, go to the company website. Many companies such as dog food companies have online applications and hire year-round.

4. DEMONSTRATOR: When you see an in-store demonstrator, wait for a lull in customer traffic and then ask reach their hiring manager. Be courteous. Some demonstrators get a referral fee for successful applicants and will guide you to their manager or supervisor.

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5. KIOSK: Retail kiosks in malls often need part-time help for product demos. When you walk the mall, check for small “help wanted” signs. The kiosks are often run by entrepreneurs who offer more flexibility in schedules than large agencies.

6. EVENTS: Home improvement shows and local fairs rent booth space to businesses for special events. These booths often need help for product demos and brochure handouts. Contact the show organizer and ask where the exhibitors get their extra help. Some organizers work with local temp agencies and will be happy to provide contact information.

7. INTERVIEW: If you are called for an interview, show up promptly and bring a copy of your resume. Dress neatly and be prepared to fill out a detailed job application. Be specific about your availability. Demos are usually set up weeks in advance. Ask direct questions about the physical requirements of the job.