Handmade Jewelry With Sunflower Seeds

Use jumbo sunflower seeds to create handmade jewelry.

Use your sense of style to stand out in the crowd by designing your own jewelry. Include nature in the designs with sunflower seeds to make organic, one-of-a-kind pieces. If your garden boasts sunflower plants, remove the dried seeds from the seed head or obtain a package of seeds at the grocery store. Combine standard jewelry-making paraphernalia with the seeds to make earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Does this Spark an idea?

Christmas-Light Earrings

Earrings that resemble colorful holiday lights are easy-to-make and a fitting project to do with older children. Use eight to 10 sunflower seeds in the shell, acrylic paint in red, green and white, jewelry wire, earring hook, a small pliers and an embroidery needle to assemble the earrings. Jumbo sunflower seeds work best for this handmade jewelry creation, as they are easier to handle and can take a hole through the shell without breaking. Begin by holding the shells with the pliers and pushing an embroidery needle through the top of the shells. Paint the shells in holiday colors and string jewelry wire through them. Attach the earring hook to the top and you have one of a kind, handmade Christmas-light earrings.

Beach Necklace

Make a summertime necklace with sunflower seeds. Incorporate shelled sunflower seeds with seashells and jewelry beads. Use light summertime colors for the beads and real shells from the beach. Drill holes in jumbo size sunflower seeds with the shell on, collect small shells with natural holes in them and combine the two with jewelry beads. String them together in your desired order using fishing wire. Use metal necklace closures attached to the wire to secure the shells and beads in place and to secure the necklace around your neck.

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Southwestern Bangle Bracelet

Silver bangle bracelets are easy to find at various jewelry stores, craft supply stores and local markets. Use the kernels inside the sunflower seed shells to create handmade, southwestern inspired bracelets. After your remove the kernels from the shells, paint white, turquoise and red kernels with acrylic paint. Once the kernels are dry, glue them randomly around the bracelet.


Pests can infest the seeds. Control an infestation by placing your finished jewelry masterpiece in the freezer for two weeks. The cold will kill off any larvae present, protecting you from losing your precious creation to pests.