Ideas For A Halloween Candy Mix With Candy Corn & Peanuts

Use candy corn, a Halloween classic, as the base for a snack mix.

Rather than serving individual bowls of Halloween candies and snacks, combine them all in a large bowl to make a party mix. The variety of textures and flavors make it a more interesting treat, while the mixture of colors disguise some foods that aren’t specifically Halloween-themed goodies. Does this Spark an idea?

Sweet Additions

Balance the sugary flavor and texture of the candy corn-peanut mix with sweet additions that bring other components into play. One classic addition is chocolate, whether in plain chocolate chips or disc-shaped chocolates coated in an orange or black candy shell. Some stores also sell specialty chocolate chips with swirls of orange-colored peanut butter in addition to the chocolate. White chocolate chips are also an option. For a strong flavor, and to break up the orange color palette, mix in some bite-sized black licorice chunks or black licorice jelly beans.

Salty Additions

Balance the sweetness with some salty snacks mixed into the candy corn-peanut mix. This also adds bulk, which makes it less likely for people to go overboard on the sugar. Plain or lightly buttered popcorn is an obvious choice. Other ideas include bite-sized pieces of cereal, miniature pretzels or pretzel sticks. You can also include some nuts besides peanuts, such as almonds, sunflower seeds or walnuts. Tie together the sweet and salty sides with some raisins or dried cranberries.


For a party, put the mix in a black cauldron-shaped bowl and set a witch figurine behind the bowl. If you’re planning to distribute the candy mix in individual servings, put a spoonful in the middle of a square of orange cellophane and tape the top shut with green tape to make the pumpkin stem. If you would rather turn the candy corn-peanut mix into bars, substitute crisped rice cereal for popcorn and pretzels and mix in some orange-tinted melted marshmallows to hold it all together.

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Any candy mix that includes peanuts poses a choking hazard for children under 3 years of age. In addition, peanuts are a severe allergen, so if they aren’t obviously visible in the mix, label it as containing peanuts. Because of the risk of choking or triggering allergies, don’t distribute individual bags of the candy mix to children who are trick-or-treating. Instead, save it for events where all children are school-age or older.