In Beading What Is A Flower Cab

Cab” is short for cabochon, a round or oval dome-shaped bead or gem that has a flat back and is not drilled. The term “flower cab” is a general term referring to any cabochon with a floral decoration or in the shape of a flower.


Flower cabs can be made from many different materials. Plastic or glass cabs are common, while some flower cabs are made by preserving a real pressed flower in clear resin. Cabs may be smooth and polished or have a three-dimensional surface that has been carved or molded to resemble petals. Flower cabs come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors–from graceful vintage rose cabochons made from glass, to pretty stylized daisy cabs in colorful plastic.

Uses of Multiple Cabs

A flower cabochon is a great way to add an accent to a jewelry piece. A few flower cabs alongside smaller beads with a flower or leaf motif makes a charming necklace or choker. A flower cab surrounded with some smaller, plain-colored cabochons makes a striking brooch or ring. Smaller cabs can be alternated with gold or silver beads for an eye-catching bracelet. Three or four large, simple flower cabochons of the same design in contrasting colors can be used on a barrette or headband. In the summer, call attention to tanned toes by decorating flip-flop straps with metallic beads and flower cabs in simple shapes and brilliant colors, such as red poppies or hot-pink daisies.

Uses of Single Cabs

Flower cabs also look very attractive on their own, especially the larger ones, so they are ideal for creating simple and elegant pieces of jewelery. They can be glued to brooch-backs or an earring base or turned into charms or pendants. A single large cab in a primary color looks magnificent as a bracelet or cuff. An old-fashioned effect can be achieved by teaming a single vintage-style rose or chrysanthemum flower cab with velvet ribbon or a crocheted band to make a bracelet or a choker. A pressed-flower cab in a pendant setting on a length of fine silver chain could be used to set off a black dress or blouse. Large, brightly colored plastic flower cabs can be teamed with plain plastic beads or with animal motifs to make accessories for children.

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Flower cabs can be used to make or accessorize many different things. While they are easy to work with, they can also be small and present a choking hazard. Young children should not use flower cabs without parental supervision.

Attach Flower Cabs

Flower cabs are not drilled but can be adapted for use as beads by wire-wrapping them. They can be placed in pendant or ring settings or connectible frames or bases. Flower cabs can also be glued onto fabric or other materials.