Make A Daisy Flower Bead Necklace

Use white and yellow beads for a traditional daisy look.

A beaded daisy chain, also known as Indian Flower, makes a fun and feminine accessory. The stitch takes a few minutes to learn and once you have the hang of it, you can make a variety of accessories. Start with a daisy chain necklace made with two colors of beads–one for the daisy “petals” and the other for the center of the daisy.


1. Cut a 6-foot length of beading thread. Thread needle and condition thread.

2. Insert needle through eight seed beads of the daisy color. Loop back through the eight beads again. Pull the thread tight to form a circle.

3. Thread one bead of the daisy center color. Starting with the first daisy bead you threaded, count off four beads. Insert the needle through the fourth and the third beads in that order. Pull the thread tight. You have just completed one daisy.

4. Thread two beads of the daisy color and loop back through the last two beads you threaded and the two new beads. Add six more beads and circle back through all eight beads.

5. Go through the first two beads again and thread a daisy center bead. Again, count off four beads in the direction you threaded this daisy. Insert the needle back through the fourth and third beads. Pull the thread tight.

6. Repeat from Step 4 until your necklace is long enough to fit over your head when joined.

7. Finish the necklace by inserting the needle through two beads of the first daisy and going back through the last two beads you threaded on the last daisy. Loop back through these four beads two or three times. Then tie a square knot with the working end of the thread and the tail. Put a dot of glue on the knot. When dry, trim the ends close to the knot.

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