Make A Delicious Bread Nutritious

Delicious can also mean nutritious, when you make your own bread.

Homemade bread tastes better than nearly any commercially baked bread. However, homemade bread is often made from all-purpose flour, which has had the bran and the nutritious germ removed. Bread made with all-purpose flour has a good texture and can taste good but is nutritionally empty. It isn’t hard, though, to tinker with your most delicious bread recipe to improve on the nutrition it provides. Add this to my Recipe Box.


1. Add 1 tbsp. each of soy flour, wheat germ and nonfat milk powder to your bread dough, replacing an equal amount of flour. If your recipe calls for 6 cups of flour, measure 6 tbsp. each of soy flour, wheat germ and nonfat milk powder into your mixing bowl, and then add enough flour to make a total of 6 cups, in this case 4 7/8 cups of flour. This will add protein and healthy oil to your bread.

2. Add 2 or 3 tbsp. of wheat or oat bran to your bread dough, to add fiber.

3. Add up to 1/4 cup of seeds or up to 1/2 cup of chopped nuts to your dough to add more healthy oils and fiber. Use sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds or millet to add texture and nutrients. Any kind of nuts taste good in bread; walnuts contain an oil that is just as healthy as olive oil.

4. Use a healthy oil such as olive oil or walnut oil instead of butter in your recipe. Add a cup of puree such as pumpkin puree or applesauce in place of 1/2 cup of the fluids called for in the recipe. Use a cup or two of mashed potatoes or cornmeal mush in your bread to add texture, flavor, fiber and nutrients.