Menu Ideas For A Church Family Camp

Family camp offers a congregation outdoor fun.

A church family camp brings families and the entire congregation together, providing meaningful fun, fellowship and relationship building. Feeding a large crowd, however, can be a daunting task. Use time-tested recipes and procedures to prepare large amounts of food for campgoers, and you will create a memorable experience. These days, health is on everyone’s minds, so be sure to cook diet-friendly options. Does this Spark an idea?


Serve a large pot of chile with beans.

Chile and beans is a hit with lots of people and can be made relatively inexpensively. Kidzworld suggests adding ground turkey instead of beef for a healthier option, and most of the crowd won’t know the difference. Serve the chili as the main course. Have plenty of diced onions, sour cream and shredded cheese on hand for condiments.

Corn Bread

Corn bread is a must with chile and beans.

Corn bread is commonly paired with chili and beans. Find a standard recipe, and multiply it to feed your crowd. Adding whole canned or frozen corn to your batter will increase the homemade flavor, add volume inexpensively and add healthy fiber. For a southwestern flare, add mild diced green chiles and rosemary. Serve with butter and honey on the side.


Offer healthy salads.

Salad is an important addition to any meal. Many dieters in your congregation will only eat salad, so be sure to have it available. To kick up the salad add sunflower seeds, feta cheese, shredded carrots, cucumbers and any other tasty raw vegetable. Iceberg lettuce is inexpensive and popular with children, but also incorporate plenty of spinach, romaine and other dark greens into the salad to ensure a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. Compared to iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce has significantly more fiber, calcium, potassium, vitamin C, folate, vitamin K and beta carotene, according to FitnessAchievement.

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