Obtain Healthy Nuts Seeds & Grains

Whole raw nuts still in the shell provide the best nutrition.

Obtaining the healthiest nuts, seeds and grains is not always as straightforward as heading into your local supermarket. According to The Veg Health Guide, you get the most nutritional bang for your buck from raw nuts and seeds. When purchasing grains, only whole will do for health purposes. Armed with a little information, you will greatly benefit from adding these nutritional powerhouses to your daily menu.


1. Read labels. This especially applies to grains. Any processing robs a grain of its nutrients. According to the Mayo Clinic, once the grain is refined–which means it’s been stripped of the germ and bran through milling–its fiber and protein content are slashed. It also strips the grain of many beneficial minerals. Look for labels that advertise “whole” grains, check that whole grain is one of the first listed ingredients, and look for at least three grams of fiber in a serving.

2. Avoid nuts and seeds that have been honey roasted or heavily salted. Adding salt, sugar and other additives to nutritionally dense nuts and seeds diminishes their health benefits.

3. Look for nuts such as almonds, walnuts and Brazil nuts that are raw, whole and still in the shell. These hold onto their nutrients much longer and pack a much bigger nutritional punch.

4. Shop for ground seeds such as sesame and flax seeds, as their nutrients are more easily absorbed than consuming the whole seed, which then passes through your system without being broken down.

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5. Buy roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, but avoid those that have been “seasoned.” Seasoning adds salt, sugar and other additives for flavor, making the seeds less healthy.