Performance of Asian vegetables in different production systems in Texas

Demand for Asian vegetables is rising rapidly due to changing demographics and increasing consumer awareness of their health benefits. However, growers are not familiar with growing these “foreign” crops due to insufficient technical information regarding suitable cultivars for different regions, production schedules, disease and pest susceptibility, and postharvest management.
The objective of this study was to conduct trials in different production systems and climate regions to demonstrate the potential of growing Asian vegetables in Texas. The study team conducted preliminary trials of nine leafy greens in the open field, high tunnel, and greenhouse (container and hydroponic production) to explore the suitability and potential for year-round production. They also conducted field trials for warm-season crops in the open field in different climate zones.
Results indicated that for cool-season leafy greens, open-field production has a limited growing season, a high tunnel has the potential to extend the growing season, while greenhouse may provide year-round production using soilless substrate container culture or hydroponic system. For warm-season crops, early planting is recommended for high yield. Additional research is warranted in different regions to test more species and cultivars and optimize the production system of high-performing cultivars to maximize production and profitability.
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Niu, Genhua & Masabni, Joseph & Hooks, Triston & Leskovar, Daniel & Jifon, John. (2021). The Performance of Representative Asian Vegetables in Different Production Systems in Texas. Agronomy. 11. 1874. 10.3390/agronomy11091874. 

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