PickPackWin program has paid off for Queensland strawberry growers

In the 2021 season, the Queensland strawberry industry launched its PickPackWin program, where strawberry pickers could win up to $100,000 tax free. The promotional registration portal opened in early April, and hundreds of people registered.
By the end of the promotion in early October, more than 5,500 people had registered to take part and some 2500 had gone on to work on the 31 participating farms across the Queensland winter strawberry growing regions.
Queensland Strawberry Growers’ Association (QSGA) president Adrian Schultz said there was a great feeling of concern in the industry back in March, when it became clear that borders were not going to open. The promotion was structured to give bonus entry points to reward worker behavior that would assist the growers with planning and managing their workforce across the season.
Source: queenslandcountrylife.com.au

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