Plan A Simple Barn Wedding

Plan a simple barn wedding if casual and comfortable fits you both.

A formal ballroom wedding isn’t for everyone. Barns provide the perfect backdrop for some weddings, such as simple, rustic or Western-themed celebrations. Planning your wedding doesn’t have to include excruciating attention to detail and over-the-top decorations if you don’t want it to. Keep things casual throughout your planning process for a simple wedding that revels in the rustic details of the barn.


1. Send out informal invitations to let guests know the wedding will be casual. Include images of sunflowers, wildflowers, horses or anything that will serve as a theme or detail in the wedding. Use informal wording as well. For example, “Anna and Jim are gettin’ hitched.”

2. Clean and decorate the barn. Simple decor, such as tulle and strings of lights draped from the ceiling or wrapped around pillars and rafters can add a romantic ambiance without taking away from the charm of the barn. Chandeliers or hanging lanterns are another option.

3. Set up simple picnic tables and bales of hay for seating. Cover tables with eyelet or gingham tablecloths and put cushions or cotton covers over the hay so it doesn’t poke your guests.

4. Fill mason jars, watering cans or galvanized pails with sunflowers, daisies, wildflowers, candles, green apples, lemons, limes or candles to serve as centerpieces. Other table decor might include pitchers of iced tea or lemonade, confetti, pumpkins, gourds, stalks of wheat or dried ears of corn.

5. Display the food, cake and drinks in a manner that fits in with the rest of your wedding details. Drape tulle or cloth over stacked bales of hay for the food table and offer old-fashioned bottled beverages in galvanized tubs full of ice.

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