Remove Spider Veins On Your Legs And Thighs

Removing spider veins will restore the healthy appearance of your legs.

Spider Veins are small blue and red veins that become visible under the skin throughout different parts of the body. Although spider veins may appear almost anywhere on the body, the most common place is the legs and thighs. You have a multitude of treatment options to consider if you are experiencing spider veins. These options range from natural home treatments to advanced laser techniques and cream therapy.


1. Practice a healthy lifestyle that includes plenty of exercise and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. Since one of the main causes of Spider Veins is lack of proper circulation, improving your circulation through diet and exercise is an effective method of removing them. In addition to proper diet and daily exercise, be sure to avoid other factors that restrict blood circulation such as smoking, drinking and excess sugar.

2. Apply an over the counter cream to the affected area. Head down to your local drug store or shop online for a cream designed to remove spider veins. Many popular over the counter spider vein treatments contain specific vitamins as the active ingredients. Try to find one with Vitamins B, E or C. All of these vitamins have been suggested to have positive effects on a variety of skin and vein conditions.

3. Massage the area around the spider veins with essential oils. A gentle skin massage will help remove spider veins by improving the blood circulation in and around the affected area. Just be sure to avoid the veins themselves. When choosing an essential oil, opt for cypress or geranium with a carrier oil of sunflower or almond. Such oils have been suggested to eliminate spider veins as well as other skin conditions such as cellulite and stretch marks.

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4. Consider Sclerotherapy as a treatment method. Sclerotherapy is a treatment that has been around since the 1930s. This treatment option consists of a specialist injecting a salt water solution into each apparent vein. It removes both Vericrose Veins and Spider Veins by turning the vessels into scar tissue which eventually dissolve and become unnoticeable. Sclerotherapy is a safe and minimally painful procedure that comes with few to zero side effects.

5. Consider laser therapy as a treatment option. Cosmetic lasers have come a long way since their invention. They have become one of the most effective ways to treat spider veins as well as many other skin conditions. The procedure consists of a long-pulse Alexandrite light beam placed on the vein, which causes it to break up and eventually dissolve. Patients receiving this procedure often require several sessions of the treatment to completely remove their spider veins.