Start A Propane Heater

Propane heaters allow campers a way to keep warm when camping in the winter or in cold climates. Propane heaters come in many sizes and use a variety of propane tank sizes. All propane heaters start in one of two ways, and how yours starts will be listed in your owner’s manual. Always light your propane heater outside and not inside your tent or cabin as you can easily start a fire when the heater is first lit. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Attach an appropriately sized propane tank to the heater. Your owner’s manual will state which size propane tank you need.

2. Open the propane tank valve. The valve is on the propane tank itself and should twist easily after you get it started.

3. Press the ignition button located on your heater. The button is normally located near where the propane tank attaches. Not every heater will have an ignition button.

4. Set the propane heater down if it is hand-held. Light the stick match by striking it against the matchbox and place the flame at the ignition point on your heater. The ignition point on larger heaters is normally near the top, while small heaters’ ignition points are normally in the back of the heater.

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