Tissue Paper Sunflower Crafts

Orange sunflower on blue tissue paper

Whether you would like to save money on wedding decorations, brighten a room or your home, or keep the kids occupied for an hour, making tissue paper sunflowers offers a chance to add fun and creativity to a special occasion or ordinary day. Featuring inexpensive supplies and an upbeat subject, a craft project inspired by sunflowers makes a winning activity for adults or children.

Faux Stained Glass

Metallic paper makes an attractive frame for a look-alike stained glass project. Use parchment paper as the background. Glue works well for attaching tissue-paper sunflowers to the background to make a stained glass-style sun catcher. You can use a hole-punch to make a hole at the top of the frame, then tie fishing line through the piece to hang the finished artwork.

For invisible installation, glue suction cups to the back of the metallic paper frame’s corners. Construction paper and waxed paper provide alternatives for kids’ projects. Crafts and art supply stores carry all the materials, including sunflower stencils.

Hanging Sunflower Decorations

Martha Stewart.com recommends hanging tissue paper flower decorations from monofilament. Monofilament, or fishing line, creates an invisible hanger. Tie it or tape it to the flower and tie a loop in the free end of the line and the hanging decoration is ready to use.

You can use paper plates or lightweight cardboard to support the center of the sunflower. A jar or food can makes an easy guide for drawing a circle for the center of the sunflower. Wad bits of dark tissue paper up to glue in the circle for the sunflower’s center. Add the petals last. Draw petals on tissue paper, cut them out free hand or use a stencil to create sunflower petals. To shape the petals, glue floral wire between layers of tissue paper to make the petals bendable.

Sunflower Bouquet

For a colorful display, you can create a tall bouquet of sunflowers. Sturdy wire, such as from clothes hangers, works well for the stems. Sunflower leaves wired to the stem, makes this a natural-looking sunflower. Use floral wire glued inside each tissue paper leaf to attach the leaves to the stem. Use green tissue paper or coil green pipe cleaners to wrap the wire to give the stem the color and thickness of a sunflower’s stem.

Poke one end of the wire through the sunflower’s paper center–in through the back and out through the front, as if sewing on a button–will hold the flower to the stem. Tape the wire in the back and cover the back with green tissue paper so the flower will look realistic from all sides. Add the tissue-paper center and petals.