Tomatoes to get less expensive as more come in from key Indian growing regions

Tomato prices are set to drop due to increased supplies from key producing Indian states. According to a statement from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, on December 21st, the vegetable got cheaper by 12.9% compared to a week ago, and by 23.7% compared to the preceding month.
On average, tomatoes cost Rs 47.5 per kilogram, the data showed. Consumers from Pune were paying the least, at Rs 34 per kg, a significant decrease from a month earlier when prices hovered over Rs 100 a kg, when unseasonal rains hampered produce. The change has been attributed to higher supply to India’s major markets from Rajasthan.
Wholesale prices are forecasted to dip even more as stock from other tomato-producing states will add to inventory by December-end, the data showed. The government also expects that, with subdued rains, there will be no more supply-chain disruptions, adding to a foreseeable drop in prices.
[ Rs 100 = €1.20 ]
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