Zoology Crafts For Kids

Creating animal crafts can help teach zoology lessons to children.

Zoology is the study of animals, their environments and their internal functions. While zoological studies delve into animals’ biological processes in complex, scientific methods, teaching your child about zoology need not be so complicated. Inspire your child’s interest in the animal kingdom with crafts designed to utilize household items and artistic creativity.

Animal Jars

Teach children about animals while recycling by collecting old sauce and jelly jars and using them to create colorful zoology crafts. Create these fun projects by first cleaning the jars and painting the lids with a layer of Gesso or white paint. Let the lid dry while cutting shapes for animal faces from felt. Use felt to create the ears, cheeks and trunks of various animals and put them aside. Once the lid is dry, pipe glue around the outside rim of the lid and across the top of the lid. Place the felt face shape centered over the lid and press until the felt sticks. Glue on plastic craft eyes and felt face features. When all the glue is dry, fill the jars with candy, craft supplies, or whatever you would like.

Paper Animal Puppet

Invite children to celebrate the animal kingdom by creating their very own animal puppet from paper lunch bags. Lay a brown paper lunch bag flat on a hard surface with the flap that creates the bottom of the bag facing up. Cover the flap with white paper or paint it white. Create eyes from construction paper and glue them near the top of the flap. Create the top part of the animal’s mouth and place it at the bottom of the flap. The flap will open to represent the puppet’s mouth when talking. Use paper cut in the shape of a triangle to create beaks for birds and thin strips of white paper for whiskers on dogs and cats. Add feathers, legs, scales and other accents to the body of the bag to create the puppet, with features to represent whatever animal you choose. Invite your child to put the bag over her hand and begin the animal puppet show.

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Toilet Paper Animal

You can create a 3-D animal using old toilet paper rolls to help kids learn about zoology. Begin by covering the entire toilet paper roll with construction paper and securing it with glue. Create a face for the animal using markers and crayons and attach ears to the face using glue. Glue the face onto the top of the toilet paper roll. On a round piece of paper, create a belly for the creature and glue it to the middle of the roll beneath the head. Make two small arms using the same paper and glue them midway down the roll on the sides of the belly if the animal has arms. Glue two small feet to the bottom of the roll. You can customize the color and body of the craft animal depending on which real animal you are using as inspiration.

Animal Hat

You can create a fun animal hat with your kids to wear around the house. You will need glue, scissors, crayons and construction paper. First cut a half circle measuring 18 inches wide and 9 inches tall. Cut a second circle that measures five inches in diameter. Cut out the shape of an animal’s face, complete with ears, similarly sized to the small circle. Draw or paint the creature’s face onto the face shaped paper. Draw a spiral in the 5-inch circle and cut along the lines to create the tail, if the animal has a tail. Twirl the large half circle into a cone-shaped hat and staple the paper into place. Cut two legs from paper, if the animal has legs, and glue them to the front and bottom of the cone. Glue the face on and attach the tail at the back of the cone.

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